Sunday, March 25, 2012

May the odds...

Bite your face off, Effie.

So today I did close to absolutely nothing. I kindof regret that because it was beautiful outside. I should have been reading out in the sun. Thanks to my new Kindle App on my Windows Phone, I'm more likely to in the future. :) (I seriously spent a minute trying to type "in" for that last sentence because I kept pressing "o.")

What did I read, might you ask? Book One of The Hunger Games. Yes, in its entirety. What can I say about it? Well. Let's just say...

It's a rather interesting book and quite an easy read. For this, I am grateful, though the idea of the games is just awful. And, not to mention, this is set in North America, when everything has fallen and a new different kind of Empire has risen. Let's seriously hope that this never happens. If we have to deal with something like the Hunger Games, I'm finding some way to engineer dragons, and I'll gather a large group of rebels to rain down fire on the crazy leaders.

Hmm. I'm getting political, aren't I? Well, I suppose I should cut it for the night, then, because I'm no good at politics.


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