Sunday, July 29, 2012

I bought a month of WOW today, as a reward for finishing my Online Math Class. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. WOW. World Of Warcraft. My friends also bought me a month of Star Wars The Old Republic as a late birthday present and early Finishing Your Math Class present, too, about a week and a half ago. So far, it's super fun. I love these games. But I can't continue to pay $15 a month for both of them. So they'll be Reward things. So, this month, It's finishing Math. But the next time I buy WOW or SWTOR, it's going to be for Graduation, which is in less than 5 1/2 months.

In addition, I passed my Math Class with a, 87% for the whole class. Yes, people, that can be classified as a B+! I have NEVER gotten a grade that good since Middle School, in Math. And I NEVER have to take another math class ever again. Praise God!


Today was a lazy day. I got to talk to mom a little bit. Not very much, but I still did. It was a rainy day, and even though I went to bed at midnight, I STILL slept until 1. But it was a colder, rainy day, today, so I can see why that happened. Plus, shark week isn't exactly much of a week to be doing a whole lot of things in, so it's best if I sit and have coffee while I read Chronicles of Narnia and my new Devotional Journal.

I've been straying a lot from God lately. It's super stressful, and I long to go home to Nashville and return to Forward Church. I NEED that community back. I don't have one here, and I'm afraid that even if I DO get some kind of community, I'm going to have to leave them in 4 months anyway. So what's the point? Of course, God has a way of telling me "Oh, you don't want friends? TOO DANG BAD! Here! Have LOADS of friends!" Yeah. That's how God works with me. And in the end, I love Him for it. But sometimes, just sometimes, I wish he could spare me the heartache of leaving them.

Holy crap it's almost 5 am. I'm going to town tomorrow. Need to be functional.

Pip Pip! XOX - Jill

And before I go, a little bit of beauty:
I took this last spring, when the trees were teeming with butterflies. Had it on my mind, and thought you'd enjoy it. :)