Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A mothers love

I find that in many ways, a mothers' love is both difficult and simple. Difficult because of all the crap she has to put up with throughout your journey in finding who you are. Simple because it's in her DNA to love you.

Though sometimes, probably more often than not, it's hard to love me, My mom is just amazing. I know I frustrate her. I frustrate myself sometimes and I admit, I'm really lazy, but I just have to say, she is absolutely amazing.

I was actually on top of things this Valentines day...I got her some bubble wrap(she loves popping it), a necklace, and a rose. I wasn't expecting anything in return. I just wanted her to have a nice day and to know that I love her dearly.

She made me bread. Oh man, you have no idea how amazing that is. I LOVE the bread she makes. yum yum YUM! I wasn't expecting anything, and she simply gave me bread. That was the best valentines I've ever had in my whole life, next to the gift of her being my mother. Man, I love her. She's so amazing.

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