Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So I'm trying something new.

I recently became a member of thanks to my procrastination in my college life, and I stumbled upon an article about hair and shampoo. This girl had blogged about having a 'poo free mane and the benefits of it. Your everyday over-the-counter Shampoo contains one or both of Sodium Lauryl or Lauryl Sulfate which are used as foaming agents. They create the pretty bubbles in your shampoo that makes you think you're cleaning it.

However, both are detergents capable of degreasing engines. Thinking about that, you can imagine that they are skin irritants which cause that unfavorable dandruff shoulder. Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils and make you dependent on the conditioner you use afterwards to replace what you lost.

Basically, I'm parroting what the article said, but I believe it. I'm going to start my 'Poo Free journey...This is my strike against Herbal Essenses not making my favorite shampoo anymore...Bring back the Rose, and maybe I'll shampoo again.


Hair feels a little oily right now. Going to go with the "You have to get over it" thing. I blowdried it, though, so that might be the problem. I had to get ready for a dance performance. Still using Aussie Conditioner. Might have to change since it's the Moist one, and that might just encourage oil. BUT It's pretty! And soft. But that may just be from the previous shampoo. Too early to really tell anything, but I guess it's important to go one step at a time.

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