Saturday, February 16, 2013

One for just the ladies

I'm not sure what my traffic is like on this site. Honestly, I'm not really concerned because, eventually, we all have to become aware of the same things when it comes to bodily functions. We all pee. We all poop. Burping isn't a new thing, although each of those is rather rude to do intentionally in public. But we also all know about the reproductive organs, too. I'm just going to get it out of our systems right now. Penis. Vagina.

So giggle. Go ahead. Get it out. I'll wait.




This post is going to be for the ladies, but guys, if you read this, it might be helpful for your future relationships too.

Let me just start by saying the last four periods I've had were very happy periods. Very happy.

What changed? I stopped buying Tampons. I did, however, invest in something else to replace them. It's called a Diva Cup.

Here's where it gets a little personal. In the past, for the last, oh, 8 years that I've had my period (I think I was a late starter and started my period at 16), I've had to use both Tampons and pads at the same time. I could never just do Tampons because they always leaked, no matter which type I used. Also, since I know that the bigger the tampon(from Light to Regular to Super), the more risk there is for a still rare risk of TSS(Toxic Shock Syndrome, for those who don't know). I only went to Super for a few desperate situations, and I HATED it. On top of that, for the last few years, I've been getting worried that the pain in my left hip, or the uncomfortable cramps that I had been having ONLY while wearing a tampon were warning signs that I might be developing TSS. I know it's rare, and it happens in extreme cases, but I have to admit, I'm still not all savvy on "down there" and as a woman of 24 years, I'm sure I still have a long way to go, especially because I am not sexually active, and I don't have the need to be completely concerned about that area, except for, y'know, mostly once a month. 

For a long time, I had wished there was another solution. And believe me, I tried every tampon under the sun, and none of them were that miracle tampon. None of them caught the blood like I thought they should. Basically, they were crappy plugs that easily let the lining pass when they were too full... And essentially, that's what they are. 

BUT, a few friends of mine had been talking about these cups, on and off in my life when our menstrual problems were brought up in conversation. Some had "Keepers." Others, "Diva Cups." I'm sure there are a few other names, for them, but these two seem to be the most popular ones. 

Since my purchase of the Diva Cup, I have had the most stress free periods EVER. 

Just so you don't freak when you see the pictures, I'll explain a bit about it, too.

The Diva Cup is a very handy little silicone cup that folds easily and is pressed into the same place as your tampon. Instead of absorbing the lining, the cup captures it like a cup would typically capture liquid. Every time you go to the bathroom, or feel the need to empty it(and you'll know), you just need to slip it back out, tip it into the toilet, and rinse it out. What's most convenient is when you have access to a single person bathroom. All you do is tip it out into the toilet, and you have the privacy to rinse it out in the sink before you put it back in. I've only ever had one incident, so far, where I had to empty it in a public restroom, and I was lucky enough to have had a water cup in the stall with me, which let me rinse the Diva Cup out in the toilet. I find that the most convenient part about this is that, instead of the 4-8 hour rule that you usually have with a tampon, you can leave this cup in for 12 hours. There's NO risk for TSS, I never have to buy another box of tampons, and I can use pantyliners for the majority of my period, rather than pads(except on the heaviest days). I don't have to worry as much about leaking as I did with tampons!

A few questions someone might have about these might be:
- Aren't they uncomfortable? - No. If you have them inserted right, they're less noticeable than Tampons!
- Don't you feel them? - No. They are bigger than a tampon, but they're not something that's made for you to feel them through the day.
- Does it hurt? - The first couple of times that you put it in, it takes some getting used to. It hurt for me. It was awkward, and I questioned whether or not I actually wanted to continue with the trouble of them. But once I got it down and I learned more about my body and how it's actually situated, I was able to insert and remove my Diva Cup with no pain

I know there could be more, but that's what the comments section is for. I ADORE my Diva Cup and will never go back to Tampons. Every year, I'll have to buy another one. But what's $25 a year, compared to $7 a month, each year, for the best tampons that don't even work for me? Maybe it's not a huge savings, but it's definitely a hassle saver!

I also approve these because septic systems weren't made for the disposal of Tampons. I know it SAYS you can flush them on the box, but they're not actually good for the system. I mean, nothing that goes in the system is really "good" for the system, but it's worse than some things. Why not be kind to it, and save it some stress?

You should try the Diva Cup. It'll make your periods happier than a Kotex period.

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