Monday, December 3, 2012

Pesky Pimple Sores, BEGONE!

So I know many of you out there have issues with your face. It's always either pimply or has sores, or dry or whatever. Well, I have a saving grace idea for some of you! This idea was brought on by sheer curiosity, and I am probably not the only one who has thought of it. BUT, here goes.

Now, we all know that Neosporin is great for cuts and sores, yes? It's what you should apply to your bandaid before you put it on the cut(to avoid missing or smudging outside of the gauze), so why not use it for more than just cuts or scrapes? Well, essentially, that's what those sores are on your face. You've itched, you've scratched, you've popped and picked those pesky little sores on your face till they scabbed over...Is it too late to say that this post is a little graphic? Don't worry, it stops here.

I have this problem. It's been going on for me since my Junior year in High school. I have sensory pet peeve. When I feel or see a pimple on my face, it HAS to go. And I mean, immediately. But 99.9% of the time, it creates a bigger problem when I try to fix it myself. I've had scabs on my face for such a long time, and it's embarrassing and horrible. So I had an idea a few nights ago. Neosporin.

I put it on my face - rubbed it on each little crusted blemish and slept with it on. Ok, so it didn't all stop in the previous paragraphs, but we're all adults, here... moving on.

I woke up the next morning with my blemishes uncrusted. I know that sounds really gross, but you know what I'm talking about if you deal with it. You always have dry spots on your face that your fingers are attracted to and they just scrape scrape scrape because you can't stand them being there, even though you caused them in the first place. I'm telling you, Neosporin is a gem.

So, for those of you who need specific directions, here goes:

Do this routine at night, or when you're going to have a long amount of time alone or where you won't be embarrassed by having a glossy face. Put Neosporin on all those little sores. Just rub a little on your finger and apply it to each one. Don't get too copious with your application. Just make sure you cover each sore and that it has something to sit with through the night. I made the mistake of doing this during the day, before I went to our school's dance team performance. I was fine until I went to hug the girls and tell them how well they did. Naturally, when you hug, cheeks touch or pass by hair... it's a bit embarrassing when you stick, so make sure you're not going to be touching anything or anyone with your face.

You can also start off with a silk pillowcase, which is better for your hair and face in the long run, anyway, since it's harder for the oils on your face and hair to stick to the fabric, like it would a cotton or other porous fabric. I actually have a "silky" pillowcase, which is polyester, and probably not as good as Silk, but when I get the chance, you better believe I'm buying real silk to make my pillowcase. The difficulty here is that if you are a side sleeper, it's hard to remain on your back through the night to continually prevent rubbing off the medicine on your pillow. You should be sleeping on your back all the time, anyway. I found that if I sleep like Peter Pan (One leg straight, with the other bent out in a possé, and that possé foot underneath your straight knee) it's a little more comfortable.

Then, in the morning, I like to wash the leftover Neosporin off with honey. I recently found out that washing with Organic Honey makes it difficult for bacteria to grow on your face. It's a SUPER food, so make sure you're giving your body something sweet and healthy like Honey every now and then. Plus, washing your face with honey is (oddly) delicious. If you get the honey in your mouth, it tastes so much better than soap!
Right now, I just have the regular Bear bottle honey, but if you can get organic honey, that would be best. The bees know what's up, yo. Our processed foods aren't as good as what nature can provide.

Finally, my other skin routine products involve moisturizer and a gentle face wash. Please please PLEASE stop using all these harsh products on your face. You're stressing your cells out! Unless you've been prescribed something by a dermatologist, please don't use harsh products on your skin. My absolute favorite right now is the Skin Care Line by Simple. You can find it at Walmart, most certainly. It is just a little higher in the price range, (about $6-$7 for Face wash and Moisturizer, each?) But it goes a long way if you use the "less is more" virtue. I only have a facewash and moisturizer from their line, but that is all I need. You can even put the moisturizer on before you do your Neosporin treatment, and then definitely after you've washed your face off in the morning. Moisturizer is KEY to a great looking face. If you strip your face of natural oils, it freaks out and thinks it has to reproduce them quicker, which is the reason some people have trouble with oily faces. You HAVE to return the moisture you took away from your skin, otherwise it gets dry or over-oily. When your pores get stressed out, they can stretch, making it much easier for dirt and grime to collect inside them. Moisturizer also aids in keeping a YOUNG face. Replenishing the elastin is important, and Simple has natural Skin-Loving ingredients that really do love your face.

So, try this. And I'm not just talking to all the gals, out there. Guys have these problems, too, and I know you like to think you're all muscly and manly, but with a clear, baby-butt soft face, YOUR gals will like kissing you better. ;) (This is just a hunch... Beards/Mustaches are cool, too, but I know your foreheads get very little attention)

Below, I have posted some links to purchase the products I've talked about. I was not asked by any of these companies to sell their products. Click on the words, not the photos, for the places to search for and purchase these items.

Simple Facewash:
Simple Moisturizer:
Don't worry too much about the number of ingredients - they're all good for you, but you can decide on your own on how much you need of what is numbered. I recommend going to the store and looking at the boxes, rather than just ordering it online, but for those of you who shop online all the time, I've made this process a little easier. :)

Aaand, for those of you who aren't as crafty as I am, Here's a link for a Silk Pillowcase:

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